TGC Academy

Today’s Garden Center’s Latest Breakthrough in Online Training

For over 25 years Profitivity has created customized Workshops and training materials for companies worldwide.  We partnered with Today’s Garden Center Magazine to create 10 downloadable modules that you can use year-after-year to train your team.  They increase productivity and profit, turn supervisors into leaders and develop new levels of skills and confidence within every member of your team.

People Power – Essential Skills That Turn Your Payroll Into Profit

This package includes:

Associate Modules–4-part series

  1. Customer Service Skills – Basics
  2. Etiquette–Discover Their Interests
  3. The Sales Process
  4. Teamwork and Advanced Service Skills

Team Leader Modules–5-part series

  1. Get Your Team To Represent You
  2. Manage Behavior, Not Attitudes
  3. Empower and Train Your Team
  4. Motivating and Giving Feedback
  5. Creating a Motivational Culture
Hiring A Great Seasonal Team – Recorded Webinar

Hiring (or bringing back) the right people is one of the most important parts of having a profitable seasonal business. Seasonal workers are the face of your company to your customers. In this webinar, you will receive tools, strategies and a very simple technology that will ensure you have best people on your team this season. Kathryn Dager will show you how to attract the best and screen out unwilling, uncooperative, incompetent and potentially disruptive people. Your customers will thank you, too!

For more information, please contact us.

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