Do Your Employees Have Common Sense?

I used to love shopping however it’s not fun anymore.  Lately I have to brace myself to go face to face with the inevitable “clerk” who will summon me to the register with a loud, “NEXT” as a greeting.  They will be ringing up my purchase acting as invisible as possible with a nonverbal message that screams “Don’t ask me anything because I probably don’t know.”  It amazes me how much our work ethic has changed.  I know I am not alone wishing we could somehow turn back the clock to the time when we were happy to have a job, honored to wear the company logo and step into our role and enjoyed making our customers happy! I used to think everyone had common sense.   When I was little I thought it was practically a Federal Law that every family have dinner together.  When it got dark outside (or at 6:00, whichever came first) every kid in our neighborhood stopped what they were doing and headed for the dinner table.  And if we were late, panic set in.  Why?  Because we knew if we got in … [Read more...]

5 Selling Skills That Create Profit

Profit is such a funny word.  We act as if it is real when it actually is only a concept.  The other thing about profit is that it is and end result; a by-product of doing many things well.  Webster’s defines profit as – “The positive gain from an investment or business operation after subtracting all expenses.”  So, rather than creating profit by cutting back expenses, we recommend that you focus on doing all you can do to increase your sales.  Have your associates and management teams add to the top line to create a hefty bottom line this year.  Get the staff fully prepared to deliver double-digit increases. Profit Comes From Customer Interaction If you want profit, the real goal is to engage customers, learn more about their project and add Items Per Transaction.  That means every customer purchases one or two additional items in each transaction.  You cannot create profit if you rely on the customer to select their own merchandise and leave.  Step forward as the Experts and assist … [Read more...]

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