7 Comfort Zone Busters To Ignite Your Business

I have an important message for you today. If you want to expand your business, increase customer loyalty and have double-digit increases in sales you have GOT to stay out of the comfort zone. That means you and your teammates must be willing to be uncomfortable. Have you ever shopped in a store where every employee is in their own comfort zone? What is the service like? What behavior do you see? Here’s how I see it. Often, I can’t find an associate and when I do, it looks like they are just going through the motions with very low energy. They do tasks with their head down. They walk by me, avoiding eye contact and not offering a greeting. They don’t listen when I ask a question or they tell me they are new here or it’s not their department. If I have a question or concern, they just roll their eyes if I sound even a little bit annoyed. They talk to each other (over my head) and avoid communicating with customers who are signaling for attention. In fact, they can be unconscious and … [Read more...]

Boost Morale And Increase Sales

During stressful times your staff morale may suffer. Your Associates may be worried about their jobs or just making ends meet. You may have to cut back hours or you may decide to bring back fewer seasonal people and that puts a burden on your team. Morale is critical in your business. When every individual is doing the work of two or three, his or her to-do list seems endless and it’s easy to become too task oriented. This takes the focus off of customers and negatively impacts the business. When morale is low, it spreads quickly throughout the facility. It is often projected on the customers who feel the tension and won’t stay to explore. The fallout can be considerable: Decreased sales, lack of productivity, disorganization, distraction, more time spent gossiping and complaining among co-workers, increased accidents, employee theft and employee turnover. On the positive side, as you make the effort to boost morale you will increase productivity and create a motivational … [Read more...]

Empower Your Team

My favorite Murphy’s Law is, “Why is there never enough time to do it right but always enough time to do it over?”  Good question. Here’s a fairly common example; a “loader” takes a cart out to unload plant material and hard goods into a customer’s car and they forget to bring a trunk liner or boxes to hold the products in place.  Dirt is spilled everywhere and the clean up takes several minutes.  This inconveniences the customer who is watching the whole scene.  Doing things over costs money on many levels.  Another example is the cashier who has to get authorization to perform an even exchange when no manager is available on the property to sign.  The whole line is held up, radio paging goes rampant and the customers are staring at the cashier with disdain in their eyes.  You may have fewer customers during summer, however they expect your staff to be prepared, informed and confident. How many of your hours are spent answering questions that the front line associates should know?  … [Read more...]

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