10 Keys To Productivity, Performance & Profit

The primary key to productivity, performance and profit is creating a vision of what your purpose is and who you are serving. Then you want to communicate your vision and purpose to engage all of your team. Get everyone excited to align and fulfill their part, using all of their unique individual skills and talents. There are many ways to communicate your vision. The most effective way to communicate to all of your team is through training. We don’t often think of training as a primary means of communication, however defining “what good looks like” is the way to get everyone performing on a defined path in order to create your vision. Training lets employees know what is expected – what TO do and what NOT to do. It channels energy and effort toward your desired results. It creates boundaries and measurements. It defines roles and functions so individuals can understand and fulfill their purpose in the larger picture. Here are the top 10 keys to productivity and profit: Begin with … [Read more...]

Boost Morale And Increase Sales

During stressful times your staff morale may suffer. Your Associates may be worried about their jobs or just making ends meet. You may have to cut back hours or you may decide to bring back fewer seasonal people and that puts a burden on your team. Morale is critical in your business. When every individual is doing the work of two or three, his or her to-do list seems endless and it’s easy to become too task oriented. This takes the focus off of customers and negatively impacts the business. When morale is low, it spreads quickly throughout the facility. It is often projected on the customers who feel the tension and won’t stay to explore. The fallout can be considerable: Decreased sales, lack of productivity, disorganization, distraction, more time spent gossiping and complaining among co-workers, increased accidents, employee theft and employee turnover. On the positive side, as you make the effort to boost morale you will increase productivity and create a motivational … [Read more...]

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