10 Keys To Productivity, Performance & Profit

The primary key to productivity, performance and profit is creating a vision of what your purpose is and who you are serving. Then you want to communicate your vision and purpose to engage all of your team. Get everyone excited to align and fulfill their part, using all of their unique individual skills and talents. There are many ways to communicate your vision. The most effective way to communicate to all of your team is through training. We don’t often think of training as a primary means of communication, however defining “what good looks like” is the way to get everyone performing on a defined path in order to create your vision. Training lets employees know what is expected – what TO do and what NOT to do. It channels energy and effort toward your desired results. It creates boundaries and measurements. It defines roles and functions so individuals can understand and fulfill their purpose in the larger picture. Here are the top 10 keys to productivity and profit: Begin with … [Read more...]

Training Is A Process; Not An Event

Here are valuable tips and tools to get your associates to thrill your customers to come back all season. Whenever a customer walks in it’s SHOW TIME! You have one chance to make a first impression. What do you want that first impression to be? Your customer’s first visit, first interaction with an associate, first experience of your service will either encourage your customers to come back frequently and become a part of your “family” or it can turn them away for good. Your associates are a reflection of you! (And do I have to tell you how fragile customer relationships are these days?) Here is what you can do to empower your associates to make the most of that customer experience. Before training, we have to start at Square 1. Hire the right people – ESPECIALLY for the big season. True story. I walked into a gorgeous garden center in North Carolina and a young female cashier was sitting on the counter sipping her Starbuck’s when I approached to make my purchase. She rang me up. No … [Read more...]

Do Your Employees Have Common Sense?

I used to love shopping however it’s not fun anymore.  Lately I have to brace myself to go face to face with the inevitable “clerk” who will summon me to the register with a loud, “NEXT” as a greeting.  They will be ringing up my purchase acting as invisible as possible with a nonverbal message that screams “Don’t ask me anything because I probably don’t know.”  It amazes me how much our work ethic has changed.  I know I am not alone wishing we could somehow turn back the clock to the time when we were happy to have a job, honored to wear the company logo and step into our role and enjoyed making our customers happy! I used to think everyone had common sense.   When I was little I thought it was practically a Federal Law that every family have dinner together.  When it got dark outside (or at 6:00, whichever came first) every kid in our neighborhood stopped what they were doing and headed for the dinner table.  And if we were late, panic set in.  Why?  Because we knew if we got in … [Read more...]

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