Profitivity’s Tips To Making Your Holidays Bright

  1.  Keep your team informed and keep communication flowing.  Communication reduces stress, gets everyone focused and brings the team together.  Do 5-minute morning and afternoon “huddles.”
    • Update everyone on what has arrived, changed, etc.
    • Give an update on goals and achievements.
    • Create a “Pass it on” or “Talk it up” for the day.
    • Remind everyone about current promotions.
    • Have everyone practice one selling skill out loud.
  2. Create an average Items Per Transaction goal.  “Average Sale” is very hard to visualize so have everyone suggest several items that will create great gift packages.  You save customers time and energy by putting “packages” together for them and you will automatically be increasing average Items Per Transaction.  Plus, it’s fun!
  3. Acknowledge every customer with a smile, eye contact and a brief “Hello” and then let them browse until they WANT attention.  Most customers want to start off by blissfully browsing (moving slowly and looking around) and they want to be left alone until they nonverbally signal for assistance.  Acknowledge them and let them browse.  Let them “get there.”
  4. Show your team how to serve multiple customers in a figure “8” pattern. It is easy to work with multiple customers if you greet everyone around you, leave the browsers alone and only work with those who want your assistance NOW.  They signal for assistance nonverbally by picking up their pace and searching for an Associate’s eyes.  Go right to them when you see signals for assistance.
  5. Don’t assume your customers know exactly what they are looking for, because, 90% of the time, they don’t know what they will end up buying.  Take one minute to interview the customer who WANTS assistance before you show any items.  Find out what projects are they working on, what holiday events are coming up, how often they entertain, learn about their children, animals, partner, etc.  Ask until you clarify their projects and preferences.  You will be able to make great suggestions that will fit into their world!  They will appreciate your interest in them.  Hint:  gift buyers often buy gifts for themselves!
  6. Create an unforgettable, positive shopping experience with personal touches.  Make the shopping experience special and memorable by giving verbal tours to new customers, offering beverages and goodies and by acknowledging waiting customers.  Do this by looking up, smiling and thanking them for “being patient.  Hot Tip!  When it’s busy there’s nothing to feel guilty about!  We are having a big party!
  7. Observe and “coach” your team as it gets busier.  A Coach plays the game on the sidelines, watching the players, putting them in the most strategic positions and observes the skills that need to be practiced during down times. Use the “huddles” to work on skills and praise the behavior and actions that are paying off.  Be the Coach; not the “star quarterback.
  8. Double up on the praise and reinforcement of great behaviors that customers appreciate.  Praise and recognize the specific actions that you saw or heard.  “I heard you ask her about her holiday plans and then I saw you help her fill up her cart!  That was brilliant!”  When you praise specific behavior, you will see it being used again and again.  Give EVERY Associate a moment of specific praise every day.
  9. You can’t play the game without a team!  Have enough Associates scheduled at the most productive times.  Your Associates can sell 10%-20% more if they have individual time with the customers.  Otherwise, you are creating a “self-serve” shopping experience that will not produce increases in Items Per Transaction.  Also, when we are rushing ourworst comes out.  Encourage Associates to listen to each customer.
  10. Exceed your customers’ expectations and thrill them to come back.  The goal is to have your new holiday customers become your most loyal clients throughout the year.  Every day ask your team to brainstorm some actions or behaviors that will thrill your holiday customers to come back.  What extra actions will make the customer feel special?  Taking their purchase to their vehicle, wearing Santa hats, giving smiles to children and treats to dogs, all will definitely bring them back in the future.

We wish you the best Holiday Season and are looking forward to supporting your business throughout the New Year!