Legacy & Leadership Collaborative

An exclusive group that is going places . . .

This is an invitation to join an exclusive group of like-minded professionals. It’s for people I care about and I know will appreciate my coaching, my programs, my point of view and who are ready to make positive changes in their lives and business. These are no ordinary people. They are no longer satisfied with status quo. They want more from life. They want to see things differently. They believe there is more and are willing to take action.  They are highly interested in using new tools and strategies to upscale their culture, implement new tools and measurably increase their results.  Most important, they want to leave a legacy so their work lives on.

And being a member of my inner circle has INCREDIBLE Benefits

Are you sitting down?

I will give you my Business Legacy Blueprint model FREE and help you create your dream business.  That’s worth $6000 for starters.  And you get it FREE when you join our group.

Then I will personally lead you through a 6-week online class, “Enlightened Leadership,” where I work with you and show you exactly how to structure your standards to make your business highly profitable.  That is also FREE when you join the group.

Every week on video conference you’re going to have my eyes, ears and 33 years of experience of structuring and aligning hundreds of world class businesses worldwide.  We will do Q & A, coaching and collaborate together on new strategies for success.

And this is about taking action so you get to add 2 team members to this group so you will all build your legacy together.

One more gift – Our #1 Best Selling Book – “The Business Owner’s Guide To Empowered Leadership” FREE

And why FREE?  Here is my “ethical bribe” (my invitation) to have you join my inner circle.

The cost is $200 per month. I want to make this an absolute “no brainer” for you.

There’s no contract and you can cancel any time.

Plus I take a lot of pride in helping our members win big!

Join our Legacy & Leadership Collaborative for $200 NOW!

Just imagine how great this will be for you and your team…

  • I’m personally going to help you capture all of your wisdom and turn it into procedures, standards, policies and skills so that your business is highly profitable and built to last.  We call that your legacy.
  • Every week you’re going to have my eyes, ears and 33 years of experience of structuring and aligning hundreds of world class businesses worldwide.
  • You’re going to be able bring me your biggest challenges and get my direct input on ways to create positive results in literally any situation. It’s like having me as your private coach and sharing my wealth of knowledge.
  • You will immediately discover you are not alone and soon you will be collaborating with other businesses and hear their struggles and solutions that you’re going to be able to benefit from.  That’s why we call this a “collaborative;” not a group.
  • Every week you will be led through actionable implementation steps so you will be building and clarifying world-class strategies right in your own business.  You will be building your legacy brick by brick.
  • You will also learn how to communicate “what good looks like” so it engages your team and is easy to implement into your business.  Your new communication skills will boost morale.
  • You’re going to receive best practices from some of the greatest companies in the world from over 30 years of my personally crafted legacies that you can model right away.  You do not have to reinvent the wheel; just modify it to fit.
  • Every week I will be opening my library of “Business Legacy Blueprint” templates from over 30 years of working with the best companies in the world.  You will have a front row seat to dip your ladle into the well of wisdom so the possibilities for expanding your business are limitless.

Ready to be a part of our Legacy & Leadership  Collaborative?  Join NOW!

6 Week “Enlightened Leadership” Course

Our mission is for you to gain clarity, confidence and be 4 times more effective and to create financial security in a business you love before our training is even over.

WEEK 1. Unlock The Code For Commitment & Accountability!  Learn the unorthodox way to gain 100% commitment from your employees so you don’t have to push, bribe or babysit.  It’s easier than you think.  Once you have their commitment you can start holding them accountable and it will actually mean something to them!

WEEK 2. Do They Have Your Back Or Are You The “Lone Ranger”?  Create core values that actually unify the team, enlist their cooperation and gains their buy-in.  Sound impossible?  Again, it’s a new technology that works with all generations. Picture them unified and aligned behind YOUR goals. Wow!

WEEK 3. You Won’t Have A Business If Customers Aren’t Coming Back.  Building on the culture we started, we are going to add the “sizzle” to generate instant revenue so you see immediate results.  Together we will design an enticing customer (patient, client, guest) experience so you know they are SO moved, touched and inspired they will come back to be a part of your family.  Imagine your team approaching them, delighting them with product knowledge, extra kindnesses and personal touches so they form a relationship.  When you go to sleep at night you will have visions of market share dancing in your head.

WEEK 4. Structure gives YOU freedom!  Let’s put the bumper rails on the bowling lane so there are no more gutter balls.  I will show you how to use your team to document their own steps to successful outcomes.  As a part of wisdom collection, your employees can put processes around anything that is repeated more than 3 times a week.  We will also get them to look for 3 or 4 ways to improve or streamline old procedures.  They will give you new life!

WEEK 5. Draw The Line In The Sand & Grow A Backbone.  Set your standards and make it clear what is “acceptable” and what is “not acceptable.”  You will never hesitate to give feedback when you have your standards clearly communicated and to put in corrections when people are off track.  You will see that “feedback is the breakfast of champions.”

WEEK 6. The Keys To Implementing Anything.  Most Leaders get so caught up in their own agenda they don’t follow up. This is the week we will show everyone how to get employees on board, how to deal with resistance and how to reinforce the standards without hurting morale.  How well do you implement?  What is it costing you to not do this well?  What is it worth to have a system in place? Once you know this you can implement anything.

We know you will create the best legacy ever!  Join us NOW!!!