Company Culture

Company Culture

With Profitivity as a resource, companies find it easy to update their vision and align their organization by re-tooling job descriptions, evaluations, career paths, human resource policies, employee handbooks, procedure manuals and succession planning.  Profitivity is certified in personnel and labor laws, and offers a variety of consulting services to ensure your company is legally protected and is in compliance.

For each project, we bring together leaders from Human Resources (HR), Operations and Executives who will be held accountable for implementing the project.  The process promotes collaboration, brainstorming and group dynamics.  Our projects include:

Creating New Hire Onboarding

Profitivity will guide the group through the process of designing New Hire Onboarding and Orientation.  Together we design the first day as “Imprint Day,” set professional standards, identify accountabilities, create learning activities to accelerate productivity and create an implementation plan.  They will walk away with the tools to integrate new hires into their culture, increase retention, consistency and profitability.

Creating & Administering Evaluations

Profitivity teaches how to design and conduct effective Performance Evaluations, creating common targets and aligning teams toward company goals.  Participants gain the tools to set win-win goals, to eliminate judgment, to get specific, to create behavioral change, and to increase profitability.

Creating Job Descriptions & Hiring Profiles

Participants create assessments for screening candidates, creating hiring profiles, aligning job descriptions, redefining expected behavior and gain the knowledge to increase the company’s profitability.  The group will discover why recruiting without a clear hiring profile can cost the organization money.

Creating Handbooks & Operations Manuals

Handbooks and manuals are updated and are turned into self-directed training tools.  Participants learn how to write in engaging language and behavioral terms, ensuring consistency and compliance, as well upholding legal documentation standards.

Succession Planning

Profitivity guides the group through a strategic path to determine who the future leaders of the company will be and what a succession plan would look like.  Once we determine the succession plan, we then identify the skills that need to be developed to prepare the future leaders for their new roles.

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