Your Mind Is A “Goal Machine!”

Do You Know Your Mind Is A "Goal Machine?" Creating a vision is a powerful strategy that savvy professionals use to engage their teams and transform their businesses. Choosing a company vision that inspires and motivates can be a total game-changer. It’s compelling. Conscious leaders set goals that include their personal and professional lives to engage their heart as well. That way their goals move from their head to their heart to keep them motivated and focused. Setting goals is the first step in manifesting a desire or dream into a reality. Once a clear vision is formed, the second step is creating specific goals that will help you achieve it with specifics like what you will do, the frequency, as well as start and end dates. Who doesn’t like making lists of “to do’s” and crossing them out when they are completed? Those are little goals. Why not harness your own motivation by setting big and little goals more often? Do you know that you have the most dynamic power in the … [Read more...]

Why I Friggin’ Love Family Owned Businesses

Did you know that the greatest part of America’s wealth lies with family-owned businesses? Family firms comprise 80 to 90 percent of all business enterprises in North America! I love working for family owned businesses because I can sense the commitment, drive and purpose that formed the foundation. What truly drives many family businesses is the sense of connection and identity the owners and their family members feel with the business. Here’s the naked truth, though. More than 30% of all family-owned businesses survive into the second generation, however that means almost 70% didn’t make it. As the business moves to the next generation only 12% will still be viable into the third generation, with only 3% of all family businesses operating at the fourth-generation level and beyond. I have worked with over 100 family-owned businesses in the last 30 years to prepare the second and third generation succession. It is my passion and purpose to keep the family owned businesses … [Read more...]

Profitivity’s Tips To Making Your Holidays Bright

 Keep your team informed and keep communication flowing.  Communication reduces stress, gets everyone focused and brings the team together.  Do 5-minute morning and afternoon "huddles." Update everyone on what has arrived, changed, etc. Give an update on goals and achievements. Create a "Pass it on" or "Talk it up" for the day. Remind everyone about current promotions. Have everyone practice one selling skill out loud. Create an average Items Per Transaction goal.  "Average Sale" is very hard to visualize so have everyone suggest several items that will create great gift packages.  You save customers time and energy by putting "packages" together for them and you will automatically be increasing average Items Per Transaction.  Plus, it's fun! Acknowledge every customer with a smile, eye contact and a brief "Hello" and then let them browse until they WANT attention.  Most customers want to start off by blissfully browsing (moving slowly and looking around) and they want to be … [Read more...]

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