5 Hot Tips For Hiring The Best Team

Every day your front line employees create your bottom line. Your employees represents YOU. It is common to take an informal approach when interviewing part time candidates. But think about it. Didn’t most of your core team start out as part time employees? Take hiring seriously!

Adopt a more formal approach and have them fill out your application in person since it is a legal document. (We don’t recommend that you hire from a resume since they are often very vague and not legally binding.) You will also see if the candidate can read and write in English so you can hold them accountable for your policy handbook and training materials that are written in English.

Prepare For The Interview

Your preparation can make the difference in conducting an effective interview. Applicants will open up and tell you exactly who they are if you putting them at ease and listen intently. The following are recommended guidelines:

1. Avoid interruptions.

If you cannot give this wonderful human being full attention, you should not be interviewing him or her. So, if you plan to conduct interviews on the work premises, notify the staff that there are to be no interruptions.

2. Don’t read the application in front of the candidate.

Before meeting the candidate, privately read the application and get a clear picture of the candidate’s background. Then using your natural curiosity write three “OPEN-ENDED” questions (Future, Present and Past) on a separate paper; the only “prop” you need to conduct a thorough interview. Demonstrate your interest in them and they will tell you who they are and how they would perform in this job environment. An interviewer who appears to be rude, uninterested or even hurried, will cause the applicant to close up and they will never return as a loyal customer.

3. Ask Open-Ended Questions and LISTEN!

Get them away from the “selling game” by being a great listener. Watch how they respond, find out how they think, observe their nonverbal behavior and how they related in their past jobs so you know how they would relate to their job here.

4. Structure Your Interview

Ask values-based questions that are “Good Employee” related such as how they like to be treated as a customer, how they keep themselves in a good mood during stressful times, what they like about gardening, etc. Be cautious about subjects that trigger discrimination such as, marriage, childcare, owning a car, religion, age, etc.

5. Get Their Commitment To The Job, The Hours, The “Lifestyle”

An interview is a MARKETING opportunity where you can transform every candidate into a loyal customers. During the interview process, the candidate is “inside your business” and they are usually a bit nervous about being judged. So make sure they have a great experience with you and your team. So, have professionally scheduled appointments, roll out the red carpet, let them know how much you appreciate them coming in. Even if you are clearly not interested in hiring them, DON’T cut the interview SHORT. (That’s a sign of total rejection.) Spend 5 minutes giving them eye contact and telling them what you LOVE about your business. As you escort them out let them know you will be interviewing several candidates, give them your business card and invite them to think about the hours and demanding aspects of the job. Have them call you the next day if they are really interested. (This will make them the “chooser” and if they are your match, this will seal their commitment.) If you are not interested, send a nice note saying you selected another candidate and encourage them to come be your best customer.

By hiring the BEST team and training them you will ensure they reflect your pride and enthusiasm representing YOU in your business. Your enthusiastic front line will increase your bottom line!

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