Business Legacy Blueprint

Hey business leaders . . . Can we talk?

Want us to build your business legacy for you?  (We are the experts and this will structure your business and boost your profits.)

Want us to customize what “good” looks like and communicate your standards through a self-teaching training system?

Want us to train a team of mentors to keep your standards alive every day?

That’s what we have been doing for 33 years for hundreds of companies worldwide in almost every type of business – retail (garden centers, footwear, apparel, furniture, accessories, electronics, jewelry, etc.) banks, restaurants, spas, medical offices, call centers, law firms, manufacturing facilities and even the United States Marine Corps.

We will do it for you.  Pricing starts at $5997*


Because it’s worth it.

Not only is it structuring your entire business to be sustainable, it’s an Operational Expense write off!

Here’s our typical results so far . . .

  • 24% higher profit margin
  • 86% increase in company value because of the structure
  • 21% increase in productivity
  • 50% reduction in employee turnover
  • A return per dollar invested of $6.72!  (That’s almost 700% ROI!)

How would those work for you?  Let’s talk.

Here’s why this becomes urgent:

If your employees are not following your direction, are disengaged or underperforming, you are losing money.

If you are tired of being the “Lone Ranger;” trying to do everything all by yourself (or babysitting), you are burning yourself out.

If you are hungry to build a legacy so your business functions without you and lives on forever without you micromanaging.

The problem very likely is that you do not have clear standards and you don’t know how to communicate them to your employees.

You are not alone.

80% of businesses don’t have standard operating procedures in writing or even ones that are current.

Without clear standards you are behind the “8 ball.”

You can’t hold anyone accountable.

Employees start second guessing, not following through and it’s difficult to even get simple things done.

Or, they hold back from taking action because they don’t want to do it “wrong.”

In other words, you end up having everyone dependent on you because only you know the standards.

Our Business Legacy Blueprint will literally transform your organization.

Maybe we are weird because we think this is a very sexy solution.

We will partner with you to document every part of your business and clearly define what “good” looks like and this saves you years of disorganization and babysitting.

We literally turn over every stone to reveal any hidden assumptions – then we make those in to specific behaviors.

We create a self-teaching training system that your employees will appreciate and they will be responsible for their training progress.

You are guaranteed 100% satisfaction because we partner with you to create this so you are a part of the transformation!  And you will decide what works for you.

Think of the advantages to having this system in place.  Let’s look at McDonald’s franchisees that pay $1.5 million.  Why?  Because is a sure thing.  You NEVER see a McDonald’s franchise going out of business.  And you know why.  Because they have a proven system that works in every situation every day.

Let’s get your system in place so it will become your own certification program.

The results:

You will empower your team so they can be 100% successful every day.

You will be highly productive and leverage your team so you can serve more people, make a bigger difference and make more money with less effort.

You will create a culture where your employees are eager to innovate and be a part of your expansion.


Kathryn provided practical, effective management tools that have increased productivity and engagement throughout the company.  We consider her a true business partner.
-Julie Kouhia, CEO

Kathryn has provided a framework for our business to compete and excel in today’s challenging times and our Company will forever be grateful.
-Susan Griffith Preston, Owner

We are thrilled with the results!  Kathryn gave us the tools we needed for employee hiring, training and customer service to differentiate ourselves from the competition.
-Chris Shonnard, Owner

Let’s create a strategy for you!